The Anatomy of Stuttering
Unconventional therapy
The secret to breaking free from stuttering is in changing your thinking and the way you relate to yourself, other people, and the world. There is no other way.
There is no shortcut.
A self-paced online therapy program for PWS is coming soon.
The courses will last 12 months and will include ongoing online mentoring and support.

Participants will be able to access the course materials anytime, anywhere. Make sure you have a good working knowledge of English as the courses will be in English. Unless, you speak Russian? Then, please visit Центр Гармонии Речи.

The courses are suitable for all PWS that wish to break down the mindset behind their stuttering, eliminate anxiety/fear associated with speaking and begin to have fun speaking and living!

My online courses are not just about improving your speech, they are equally about raising the quality of your experience of life!

Unlock your fluency by changing your mindset
Are you looking for a guide to stop stuttering?
If so, then this programme is for you.
It is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to be prerared for the process, know what is involved, adapt the right mindset and expectations before you start your journey. The articles below will help you prepare for success.
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