I did it !
I have tried traditional speech therapy. I learned to control blocks. I became super courageous in tackling speech situations but was still extremely self-conscious. My speech sounded robotic, unnatural, over-controlled, and over-planned. I dreamt of a life where I would completely stop thinking about speaking and speech would happen spontaneously so I could have fun.

I began to look beyond stuttering, exploring the inner landscape of my thoughts, attitudes, reactions, and beliefs. I saw how distorted and messy my perceptions about myself, people, and the world were. They formed my mindset - the Stuttering Mindset that perpetrated my stuttered speech, affecting all domains of my life.

I identified every erroneous perception that interfered with my speech. And, replaced them with the ones that would help me feel comfortable and speak effortlessly and spontaneously. As I grew more and more comfortable in my skin my speech began to simply flow.

Within a year, I stopped controlling my speech and transformed my inner emotional landscape, achieving peace and harmony with myself, others, and the world in general.

My life began to improve beyond my wildest dreams since then. It continues to do so.

I reclaimed my fluency not because of artificial techniques or control but because I changed thoughts and perceptions about myself, other people, situations and the world around me.

You can do it, too!

Olga Bednarski Msc Psy
A Certified psychologist & Fluency Coach
I can help you unlock your natural fluency.

As an EX- stutterer I undertand pain and challenges of speech disfluency. I have battled with speech anxiety for 18 years and was stutter-free for 10.

In 2014, I started researching stuttering. Based on all my knowledge and experience, I developed a non-conventional wholistic methodology – The Anatomy of Stuttering. It helps PWS to gradually dissolve stuttering unlocking natural fluency without the need to consciously control or monitor their speech.

In 2022, I published my first book – The Anatomy of Stuttering, where I shared the findings of my 7-year-long research (283 PWS respondents).

The core principle of my method is that stuttering is not a disease. It cannot be cured but can be dissolved. Gradually, one step at a time.

Conventional therapy insists that stuttering cannot be overcome, only controlled.

Well, I have done it, and so can you!

The Anatomy of Stuttering

This book provides all the information and tools you will ever need to successsfully recover from speech anxiety (i.e. stuttering), restore unconditional fluency, and maintain the result for life!

Supported by research, here is the proof that speech anxiety is a curable problem rooted in psychology. The system is propelled by feelings, beliefs, attitudes, and erroneous perceptions of oneself.

Having battled with speech anxiety for over 18 years with all conventional methods failing, Olga set out to find the ultimate freedom. She began looking beyond the obvious: blocks, fear, hesitation. What she found was ground-breaking, yet simple. Olga discovered that fluency follows naturally when all the mental blocks, perceptions and ideas have been cleared and inner harmony and peace are restored.

Fluency and confidence follow when you know what stuttering is and understand. how you, unknowingly, create speech blocks.When you become aware of these, you have the power to neutralise them and become free.

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