The Anatomy of Stuttering
Are you looking for a secret method or a magic pill? Well, I don't have a secret method or magic pills.

The "SECRET" to beating stuttering is in eliminating block-creating speech behaviours and changing the way you think and perceive yourself, people, situations and the world around you. Your current thinking and behaviour interfere with your flow of speech and leads only to blocking and struggle.
Unless you change, nothing changes.

My approach will help you change all that and find your naturally effortless fluency.

  1. Understand what is stuttering
Demystifying your stuttering and, finally seeing what you are dealing with.
2. Explore how you interfere with your ability to speak fluently
Seeing unconcious behaviours you engage in leading to speech difficulties and changing them.
3. Use your ability to speak like fluent speakers
Unlocking your ability to create fluent and effortless speech without the use of control.
4. Think and feel like a normal fluent speaker
Gain an ability to maintain an emotional state required for continuous fluency in any situation, even stressful.
5. Practise speaking naturally and enjoy it
Proactively integrate and hone your newly acquired skills making them the new norm.
The Mindset of Stuttering

My revolutionary and life-changing approach is based on the premise that stuttering is not a disease neither it is a speech problem. Stuttering is an emotional problem that affects the whole persona and is driven by the mindset - the Mindset of Stuttering.

It is an intricate system that consists of erroneous feelings, emotions, perceptions, thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs.

The stuttering mindset affects all domains of life, not just speaking.

Fluency is a by-product of a deeper personal change.
Unless you change, nothing changes.

How stuttering is created and maintained?

When activated by certain situations or people, the system - The Stuttering Mindset, automatically produces certain behavioral and emotional reactions (i.e. holding back, controlling, mental rehersals, feeling suppression) which manifest in stuttered or blocked speech.

By engaging in a range of unproductive, block-conducive behaviors and habits acquired over the years of living with the problem, a person is kept disconnected and unaware of how she/he unconsciously perpetuates the problem. The person lives in an all-consuming state of fear, anxiety, mental rehearsals, perfectionism, and desire to please and be liked.

A situation gets out of control, whereas you think “stuttering just happens” and there is nothing you can do about it. Stuttering just controls your life.

The truth is, YOU CAN, but to do this you need to become acutely aware of how you create your blocks.

You will need to become aware of what happens to you psychologically way before you even open your mouth to speak.

Stuttering will control your life, it will continue to “drive” you as long as you are unaware of what happens, once you ARE aware you are in the driver's seat.

Now, YOU control stuttering! And, you can stop it!

What methods do I use to dissolve stuttering?

Awareness is the key to dissolving stuttering (not curing) as stuttering is not a disease.

As an ex-PWS and a psychologist, I creatively use a combination of psychological tools/practices to help individuals raise their level of awareness, and understanding of themselves, and dissolve their long-term stuttering. The process of coming out of stuttering is gradual. It requires your commitment and determination. My method is NOT a quick fix.

To dissolve stuttering, ironically, one must forget speech and look beyond stuttering.

What if you still stutter severely?

My students show improvement within the first weeks. However, I understand people are at different stages of their recovery when they join my programs, some are severe, others less severe. Therefore, you won't be expected to run if you still struggle to walk.
My method incorporates a range of effective and elegant techniques, for those who still need them. Your speech will sound totally natural and effortless using the tools I offer.

Stuttering is a problem that shows up in social settings when you interact with others. Therefore, all the tools I teach are highly practical and applicable in everyday speaking situations and are inseparable from life you encounter. Any techniques are to be used ONLY temporary. They are your safety-net before you can fly.

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