The Anatomy of Stuttering
Are you looking for a secret method or a magic pill? Well, I don't have a secret method or magic pills.

The "SECRET" to beating stuttering is in eliminating block-creating speech behaviours and changing the way you think and perceive yourself, people, situations and the world around you. Your current thinking and behaviour interfere with your flow of speech and leads only to blocking and struggle.
Unless you change, nothing changes.

My approach will help you change all that and find your naturally effortless fluency.

  1. Understand what is stuttering
Demystifying your stuttering and, finally seeing what you are dealing with.
2. Explore how you interfere with your ability to speak fluently
Seeing unconcious behaviours/mental hang-ups you engage in leading to stuttered speech and changing them.
3. Use your ability to speak like fluent speakers
Unlocking your ability to create fluent and effortless speech without the use of control.
4. Think and feel ike a fluent speaker
Gain an ability to maintain an emotional state required for continuous fluency in any situation, even stressful.
5. Practise speaking naturally and enjoy it
Proactively integrate and hone your newly acquired skills making them the new norm.
The Anatomy of Stuttering by Olga Bednarski
The Mindset of Stuttering

My revolutionary and life-changing approach is based on the premise that stuttering is NOT a disease neither it is a speech problem. Stuttering is an emotional problem that affects the whole persona and is driven by The Mindset of Stuttering. It is an intricate system that consists of erroneous feelings, emotions, perceptions, thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs.

The Mindset of Stuttering affects all domains of life, not just speaking.

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Fluency is a by-product of you becoming
more fully and authentically yourself.
If you remain the same, your speech remains the same.

I'm not God. I don't heal anything.

Stuttering is propelled by the Mindset of stuttering, typically characterised by fear, low self-worth, trepidation, timidity, anxiety and self-consciousness. Most of it is unconscious, which means you are NOT AWARE of what leads to fear and how blocking is created.

I provide expert guidance and practical advice to help you see exactly how you create stuttered speech, identify behaviours/perceptions that automatically lead you to blocking, and ultimately gently guide you to making effective adjustments to your current mindset that will ensure gradual shift from anxiety and fear of interactions to composure, and ease.

In essence, I facilitate the process in such a way that you heal yourself.
Stuttering will control your life, it will “drive” you as long as you are unaware of what happens, once you ARE aware you are in the driver's seat.

Now, YOU control stuttering! And, you can stop it!

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