Individual Coaching with Olga
I will help you find your way to naturally fluent speech.
The secret to breaking free from stuttering is in changing your thinking and the way you relate to yourself, other people, and the world.

My unconventional method provides the understanding and all the necessary tools to help you achieve freedom.

My method doesn’t provide magic pills and isn't a quick-fix.

The process of recovery is gradual.

A workable, logical and intelligent approach

The Anatomy of Stuttering is a non-conventional approach I developed following my successful recovery from stuttering. It is supported by 7-year long empirical research into workings of speech anxiety as well as intensive experience of working with other PWS.

I use a holistic approach that focuses on the whole persona, rather than only focusing on speech. The core idea behind the approach is that a person and their speech are inseparable.

My clients unlock their fluency and enjoy natural speech because my goal is to help them experience the pleasure and communicate thoughts and ideas in the same way fluent speakers do.

What is individual coaching?

Coaching is an individual comprehensive, 12 - months program for those who require personal attention and step-by-step guidance toward freedom of self-expression and is tailored to your needs and current level (intensity) of stuttering.

Coaching takes place online via Zoom. Each session lasts up to two hours. The program combines elements of psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, NLP and hypnotherapy.

The coaching program is divided into 2 stages:

1st stage: 4 months of intensive weekly meetings via Zoom to put you on the right track and accelerate recovery.

2nd stage: 8 months of ongoing support and mentoring via email/whatsup with occasional weekly meetings.

Whatever stage of the coaching program you are, I will always be there when you need support and guidance.

You will begin to evolve as an individual which will inevitably lead to improvement in flow of speech and quality of life. You must be willing to let go of past ideas about stuttering to join and be successful on the course.

In 12 months, you will:

• Gain an understanding of what stuttering really is.

• Become aware of how you interfere with speech flow, create blocks, and what you need to change.

• Begin to develop new thoughts patterns and attitudes towards yourself, people, and the world.

• Cultivate a harmonious emotional state that will lead to natural and effortless speaking.

• Focus on your ideas, instead of concentrating on the words you say.

• Relinquish conscious control of speech and use an automated mode of speaking.

• Be able to self-correct, when/if you experience turbulence.

• Become much more expressive.

My coaching is for you, if...
There is only one person standing on the way of your freedom - it's you.

  • You tried traditional therapy without success
  • You are open to new knowledge and ready to look beyond stuttering
  • You are proactive and ready to leave comfort zone
  • You need help and you need it now
My method provides the understanding and all the necessary tools to help you dissolve stuttering
and achieve freedom.
You become what you believe.

If you believe stuttering is an incurable disease, your “treatment” will never end, and you will never stop stuttering.
It is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to be prerared for the process, know what is involved, adapt the right mindset and expectations before you start your journey. The articles below will help you prepare for success.
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