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Dear parents,

I know how frustrating and isolating it feels to see your child struggling to express themselves. I too witnessed my child showing first tale-telling signs at the age of 4. The signs of stuttering disappeared within weeks and never developed into "real" speech disorder which is characterized by forcing, pushing, and locking of vocal cords. The problem never had a chance to take root thanks to my extensive experience living with stuttering and understanding it's most inner mechanics. My daughter is now 7 and beautifully fluent.

I would like to reassure you by saying that occasional hesitations, and blocking your child experiences at an early age is most likely to be developmental. And, may never develop into an "established and chronic" blocking you might have seen in teenagers and adults that stutter. This is because stuttering takes time to develop and typically entails a range of accompanying learned behaviors: holding back, suppression, desire to please rehearsals, pushing, gagging, etc.

When the problem sets in, an individual becomes unaware as to how blocks come about. Your child being at the tender age that they are, still possesses the awareness of how hesitations and blockings happen and can describe their feelings/experience well when asked. Therefore, children possess the ability to overcome this naturally, without the need for speech therapy (unless severe).

You can help your child by learning more about the problem and approaching it with the right attitude and by adjusting your reactions and behaviors. Oftentimes, knowledge therapy is all that is needed to help a child, as well as get to know your child's inner world. Believe me, their world is far more intricate and complex than most of us were conditioned to believe.

I offer online consultations for parents and children where you can ask questions about the condition and receive practical tips/suggestions that will not only help your child achieve greater fluency right away but stop stuttering from developing into a debilitating long-term condition.

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