Understanding is the key: What is stuttering?

what is stuttering with olga
Understanding is the key.

One of the great challenges in this world is knowing enough to think you’re right but not enough to know you’re wrong”

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Understanding is the key. What is stuttering?

Stuttering is not a sentence. You simply looked for the answers in the wrong places.

There are many theories and misconceptions about stuttering, autism, asymmetry of brain hemispheres, underdeveloped articulators, a form of schizophrenia, even the result of gender discrimination. More theories are formulated as you read this article.

Filling minds with nonsense, the speculators, as if on purpose, divert attention away from the genuine causes of stuttering. Trusting them, believing in them leads to a tremendous loss of time and effort on trying to correct something that does not require a correction. Fluent speech.

As we work on straightening stuttered speech (i.e. an external symptom), we overlook the prime cause of stuttering. The total inner misalignment of our thoughts, feelings, perceptions of the world, and our place in this World.


The sheer amount of speculations on stammering indicates only one thing; doctors do not know what stuttering is.

Clueless as to what they are up against. This is because their “understanding” is based on obsolete theories and guesswork. PWS’s that put their trust in traditional approaches are misled too. Following “the qualified advice” PWS’s invest in one method (i.e. classic therapy) after another (i.e. medications, devices, hypnosis). But fail to achieve a desired level of fluency and end up drifting. Doomed to never find an adequate solution.

Finally, PWS’s see how pointless all the efforts have been. Bitterly disappointed, desperate, and impatient, they withdraw into the World of their own.

The infliction stays. Unresolved. Like an ulcer, it is invisible but just as painful. Life does not get any easier.

You cannot live by avoiding life. Sooner and later, you stick your nose out. Curious. Anything new? You still wish to have a life that you want.

The main question still demands the answer.



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The Answer.

According to my approach, stuttering is a conditioned psycho-emotional disorder [in the form of a conditioned fixed reaction]. The way of perceiving reality, the attitude towards the World and yourself in this World. The Mentality. The Mindset.

This mindset is made up of masses of psychological fixations and models of behavior. One by one, following in a sequence they form a process line. The fire out and, we block and stutter.

Like in a shotgun. Guns do not fire out of the blue. A careful process of preparation precedes the shooting. You pull the gun out the sleeve – take bullets – open the magazine – charge – aim – pull the trigger – ONLY NOW YOU SHOOT.

An uncharged shotgun will not fire. You must prepare the gun for a shoot.

Blocks, facial spasms, tricks, avoidance strategies, obsessive thoughts, rehearsals – all these are part of the shooting.

The result of the preparations that took place BEFORE you enter a speaking situation. Whether you do this consciously or unconsciously, does not make any difference. Your pistol is charged (the brain fired up) – point-blank shot (you block)!


Stuttering is not a physical disorder. Disfluency is only an external manifestation of the internal psycho-emotional dissonance.

To eliminate stuttering permanently, correcting stuttered speech won’t be enough.

All known methods and techniques only mask the problem. The initial euphoria and confidence you get after the course evaporate fast. You wake up in your bed, recall speaking encounters you are to have today, and dread grips you once again.

Desperately, you begin to grab tricks and techniques. Fight, resist, work on your speech. You fight fire with fire. But when your name is called out inviting you to speak – YOU FREEZE. As if paralyzed. Sounds stuck in your throat. Relapse. Fighting fire with fire only creates more fire!

Game over.


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Aren’t you tired of wasting time on ineffective methods?

To stop relapsing, we must deal with the inner cause of stuttering. Restore the imbalance and re-establish harmony.

You will have to look closer and find out what exactly DO YOU DO (this will be unique for each PWS) to create disfluency. How you charge the pistol and when you pull the trigger.

Time to wake up from the zombie-trance. Bring all the unconscious programs, insecurities, limiting models of behavior, and beliefs into consciousness. Begin to see what goes on. Look the problem in the face (which is not always pleasant) and then hack the chain setting yourself free.

Stuttering is not a sentence. Do not want to suffer – stop suffering! But work must be done (no, not on your speech).

There is no magic pill. The transformation will not happen overnight. It all depends on the severity of your stuttering, how badly you do want to change as well as other variables.


I do not have a bucket list of exercises that magically “cure” stuttering. My approach will help understand and pin down a UNIQUE VERSION of YOUR stuttering. Make you see how you create stuttering blocks. How you fire your gun. In turn, this will turbo-charge every subsequent step you take towards dissolving stuttering. No longer will you be shooting a cannon at sparrows.

The unconscious mind and your brain will have no other choice but to push out stuttering out of your psyche and your life for good.

Did this article help you to become clearer on what stuttering is? Your feedback motivates me to write.

Olga Bednarski

The independent stuttering expert


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14 thoughts on “Understanding is the key: What is stuttering?

  1. Wow…this is so interesting, this comment really struck a chord with me “One day you came to believe and associate the simple act of speaking with something very unpleasant, distressing, dangerous or even punishable. It doesn’t matter what had precisely happened to you, but since then the prospect of speaking began to cause nervousness, anxiety and/or even fear.”
    I used to fear speaking to my dad, I used to tell him lies as the age of 8, and if he caught me lying I used to get hit. So the speaking bit was always something that I feared as it had the propensity to cause the fear to come true and I would get hit!

    1. Thanks fot your comment, there is great deal of conditioning that fuels stutteirng and other anxiety related problems. We dont realise it until somebody points this all out to us.

      1. Мне очень интересно. Пишите пожалуйста. Я тоже заикаюсь. И вроде бы нашла такой коллектив в котором ну совсем не волнуюсь. Но заикаюсь страшно. Когда расслабляюсь. Хочу говорить бегло, а получаются ступоры. И при этом не волнуюсь же! А просто знаю что с этими людьми можно всё, и не страшно. Когда прихожу в новый коллектив как то собираюсь вся, и могу СЫГРАТЬ не заикающегося человека. Но на долго меня не хватает. Как так не понимаю. Что делаю не так, когда с близкими, не понимаю. Но копаюсь в себе и своих ощущениях в гортани уже 10 лет. Сейчас мне 29.

        1. добрый день. спасибо за ваш комментарий. заикание одновременно и простая и сложная проблема. сложная потому что оно происходит в 99% неосознанно и происходит “как бы” само по себе. Простая потому что, когда вы поймете алгоритм проблемы и осознаете как создаёте ступоры проблема начнет отступать сама.Вы кабы сделаете все неосознанное – осознанным, все невидимое – станет видимым и понятным. Заиканию не будет больше места в вашей жизни. все подробности на моей странице и ютуб канале.

  2. Nicely written Olga. The question remains how to get rid of it, or at least alleviate it?

    1. Thanks for your comment. I think first we all need to understand the problem in its finest details and inner working (more on this in future posts), this already can do so much for so many of us especially those who have tried speech therapy before but slipped back and relapsed.

      1. I look forward to these posts. Your blog is amazing! I am stutterer, I have tried many speech therapy but it didn’t worked.
        I believe that I can speak fluent every day but I need hints. I think that your articles may help me. Write, write, write! Your words will help many people who have open mind.
        Best regards.

        1. Hello Monika, and thanks you for your kind words. If you are physically well and sound, there is no reason why you cannot begin to speak effortlessly and fluently at all times. I work everyday to make my findings available for all as soon as possible. I come across many nonsensical ideas about stuttering nearly everyday, some of which are truly upsetting, this prompts to carry on and publish my work. Many thanks for your support. Olga

  3. Amazing article, Olga. You have clearly articulated my understanding of stuttering. I am a speech therapist. I don’t stutter but have a strong passion to help people who stutter speak easily. Not having to think about speaking is the natural way to communicate. People who stutter can achieve this freedom. Thank you 🙏🏽

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for your comment. I m glad speech therapist start to join me on this journey. I think collectively as parents, STL’s, people who stutter and their families we can do so much more and help alleviate stuttering sooner. Best regards, Olga

  4. Hey Olga, this is a great blog. I’m just wondering HOW we can start to dissolve stuttering? I can’t see anywhere in your blog where it’s actually mentioned, what we can DO. I understand that it’s about emotions, perceptions and beliefs. But what can we do?!

    I’d love to chat with you sometime. I went on McGuire but kept relapsing, and I’m still looking for answers to my severe stuttering.

    1. Reading through your blog and your approach makes sense but haven’t ready anything as to “how” you’ve accomplished fluency or examples in others. “How” is what I’m wondering as well.

      1. Hello. The WHY question will be explained in fine details in my upcoming book. I will also publish new articles and videos soon with details are to how stuttering works. One thing is for sure, you don’t need to work on speech to gain fluency. thanks for your support, it motivates me to share more information.

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