The primary mission of my blog is to raise awareness amongst people who stutter or stammer (PWS’s) that their problem CAN BE ELIMINATED.

The current level of ignorance on stuttering is truly staggering. It appears that neither Speech and Language therapists (SLT’s) nor PWS’s understand what stuttering really is.

Worse still, it looks to me as though finding the solution and establishing the common perspective on stammering is no longer our prime agenda. Instead our attention is diverted towards “quick fixes” such as applications, magic pills, electronic devices, Botox, medications, fancy merchandise etc etc.

All of which are supposed to make us feel better, worthy, entitled, and more proud and important 🙂 [Whilst making profitable business for certain organisations.]

Our attention is being constantly diverted to anything but the way out.

However, what do YOU – PERSON WHO STUTTERS really want?

FLUENCY. Unconditional. You just want to be you and stop worrying about speaking. Right?

Well, that has been missing. Until now.

I am not a Speech Therapist but an inquisitive researcher and a former stutterer. I don’t adhere to conventional theories or perspectives on the problem. Although through research, I became familiar with many.

My 15 years of living with stuttering and 7 years of closely researching it, equipped me with the great deal of empirical experience and knowledge to develop an expert understanding of this mystic condition.

Don’t raise your hopes. I found no magic pill. But understood the algorithm that drives stuttering and anxiety associated with speaking. Thanks to this, my stuttering naturally declined over matter of months, and I restored normal fluency within a year. 6 years on, I am just as fluent.

I believe the knowledge I gained is not mine to keep. The information must be shared to benefit other PWS’s hence the blog “STOP MY STUTTER”.

I am inviting you to personally test everything I talk about in my blog.