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Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers
How is coaching conducted?

In the format of online sessions via Zoom. At the request of the client, consultations can take place without video communication, and / or only through text correspondence or audio messaging.

Frequency of meetings: at least 2 times a month, and not more than 2 times a week. The duration of each meeting is 60-80 minute.

What is the basic principle of my approach?

I am a qualified psychologist, but not a speech pathologist nor a medical doctor and have no medical background. My approach is not medical, not traditional, and that's why it works. I do not "treat" stuttering, as my approach does not consider stuttering (logoneurosis) as a physical (organic) malfunction.

The approach began to develop based on my personal (initially unsuccessful) experience with stuttering. My desire to abandon control techniques and achieve total freedom from stuttering subsequently grew into a large-scale independent study in which 283 people from around the world took part (eng. empirical field research, self-funded).

My project was not sponsored by any organizations or institutions. The project was self-funded. I am a professional researcher in the field of sociology and psychology & a qualified psychologist. My knowledge and skills in collecting primary data, system processing of information and its synthesis helped me to realize this project.

Within the framework of my approach, logoneurosis is a system of unconscious, but closely related patterns of behavior, reactions and cognitive attitudes. Acting in concert, attitudes and reactions lead to what the person experiences and observes as an inability to speak fluently.

The good news is that we weren't born with these mindsets and are therefore capable of making things right.

It is pointless to fight stuttering, one must go through it.

My Methodology in Brief



Five stages of the program:

  1. Awareness


Theoretical part. It is impossible to solve the problem without understanding and realizing what you are dealing with. At this stage, I help you understand and realize what stuttering is, what it consists of and how the mechanism of stuttering works propelling and maintaining the problem. This step is a systematic preparation before the "long journey" towards your cherished goal – freedom of expression. At this stage, we also, debunk myths and wave goodbye to delusions, social stereotypes associated with stuttering.

  1. Understanding


Putting theory into practice, working through your unique version of stuttering. Metaphorically, we are walking through a labyrinth. At this stage, you begin to clearly see how stupor, fear and nervousness are created in front of speech situations. We highlight specific critical mistakes that you unknowingly make, leading to difficulties in speech.

  1. Disassociation


At this stage, the person is ready to move away (mentally separate) from the problem, and develop a detached view of the problem. This happens through a deep and detailed understanding of all the processes of their unique version of stuttering and its mechanism. The fear and anguish that stuttering might return recedes and /or no longer causes anxiety. Fear is replaced with confidence (not to be confused with euphoria) and calmness. Stuttering is controlled through understanding (awareness) of the problem and its algorithm, and not through exercises, efforts, willpower, techniques or struggle. The word "control" is only nominal, it is not control gained via some specific techniques that you may have tried in the past, it is a natural state of flow. You gain the ability to be in the flow. The flow opens the door to unconditional freedom! Stuttering is just an erroneous program in your mind and you re-programme replacing with the new effective that, the one that warrants flow and freedom of expression.


  1. Reconditioning


Exit from the "labyrinth" of stuttering. You are no longer dodging, going in circles trying to find a way out, trying different methods hoping from them to be effective. This is the high-speed highway leading to freedom. There are no speed limits here. You confidently and actively (aggressively) neutralize and replace the "stuttering mentality" with the mentality of unconditional fluent speech, mentality of people that have never stuttered. This is the return at the moment BEFORE the development of stuttering. Authenticity.


  1. Life after stuttering (insurance)


At this stage, I discuss with you moments of weakness or turbulence, which at first and until the new model of thinking has not taken root, can happen to you.

How not to move back "into the swamp", how to regulate emotions, sensitivity is power, how to use it for your own good, how not to lose your temper, emotional stability, euphoria, how not to rush, mood swings and how not to let them "overturn" you etc.

How long does the individual programme last?

3 - 4 months. The main program is 3 months. 1 month extra.

How much does 1-2-1 coaching programme cost and duration?

Investment: Personal coaching prices from £3000, dependent upon individual case and complexity. Offer to join my personal programme is subject to the pre-screening interview.

Online programmes are coming in 2022. Price of a 6-month online programmes is £1500. Programme duration: 6 months. Anyone can participate, without a pre-screening interview. To enroll in an online course, please send a message to

How long does it take to beat stutter?

On average and provided a student is fully engaged with the process of achieving freedom of expression will take somewhere between 6 to 12 months. Severe cases might take longer, or shorter. It all depends of individual cases, the times indicated are approximate.

Plenty of support and time is provided on all of my programmes to ingrate the knowledge learned, so, don't worry, you can and will reach the desired result.

Are your sessions akin to talking therapy?

No. I don't discuss your problem, I provide the solution to understand and eliminate it for good.

I personally lived through a sever stutter and I know what it means to live with it not in theory, but through personal experience. In working with clients, I, to a certain extent, get involved in your situation, but at the same time, I also take a detached position of an onlooker.

In traditional therapy, involvement is excluded, but in the case of stuttering, "double perspective" is the only way to help each student in the most effective way.

Are you an MD?

No. I am a hypnotherapist and psychologist. I am NOT a speech pathologist or a doctor. My approach is not medical, not traditional, and that's why it works. I do not "treat" stuttering, as my approach does not consider stuttering (logoneurosis) as a disease.

What if your method won't work?

Before admitting you onto my 1-2-1 coaching programme, I will conduct a comprehensive pre-screening interview. This will allow me  to decide whether we can work productively together. At the interview, you will be able to ask all the questions that concern you.

I REFUSE people who do not have an intention to change their lives, lie in the interview, are not ready to work, devote time to themselves and expect to receive "a miracle cure or magic pill".

Also, I do not work with people who came to me after succumbing to persuasion, pressure (or blackmail) of parents, spouses or girlfriends and, in fact, have no will to change anything. I cannot force you to change if you do not want it!

Do you really want freedom from stuttering? Does the initiative come from you? If yes, then I invite you for an pre-screening interview.

My method is not just a selection of universal exercises, but a fully adaptive system that, in the process of working together, adapts to each unique variant of logoneurosis. The basic principle of the approach, its core, remains the same, all other "components" are easily changed and adjusted, ultimately leading to the maximum change, both in your mind and in your speech.

I am worried your course might not work, as many courses I tried before, please help?

When people say that they have taken various courses in the past and did not achieve the desired result, I say: “It's all about how bad or good the course is, but what were they trying to fix? In 99% of cases, the approach to stuttering is very superficial, limited only by re-training of speaking patterns. That is, only the symptom, an external manifestation of the problem, is "treated". The ROOT CAUSE REMAINS UNADDRESSED hence stutter returns.

“By cutting off the tops of a weed, it is impossible to guarantee that your garden will not get covered in weeds again."

Do you have testimonials, reviews?

Yes! Written testimonials can be found on the site in the "Methodology" section. Video reviews can be viewed on my channel - the Center of Harmonious Speech on YOUTUBE.

I empirically proved the effectiveness of my approach on my own example. And also, on the example of dozens of people around the world participating in my project. In order to get a holistic picture of logoneurosis and its mechanisms, I collected information from both groups of stutterers: those who improved their speech, as well as those who still (strongly) stuttered.

The first group were the people who have significantly improved their speech, or achieved complete freedom from stuttering. I thoroughly studied the steps they took to come to such a fantastic result. Many of them initially had a severe form of logoneurosis, and they didn't believe they could achieve freedom.

Working through and understanding unsuccessful attempts at treatment of stuttering has helped me identify the critical mistakes that many PWS make. These critical but unconscious mistakes blocked PWS progress. Some of them stuttered severely even after 10 years of hard work in traditional therapy, speech re-training and various other stutter-management courses.

Participation restrictions and Suitability

My methodology and approach is NOT SUITABLE for the following groups of people:

  • people with severe psychiatric disorders, psychopathy, schizophrenia etc.
  • people suffering from alcohol or drug addiction.
  • who is not ready to take responsibility for the result.
  • to anyone who considers stuttering a disease.
  • to everyone who came under pressure from relatives and spouses, and not on their own initiative!
  • to all who do not believe or doubt the effectiveness of my approach.


Thanks for your interest and participation.

If you still have questions, please send me a message.
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