Дорогие подписчики,

Теперь у меня есть отдельный сайт для моих русскоязычных подписчиков www.olgabednarski.com

Вся информация о моих курсах, консультациях и личном коучинге будет именно там.

Жду вас к себе в гости!

С уважением,


StopMyStutter is now on YouTube! 📺

stop my stutter youtube

My YouTube Channel STOP MY STUTTER. 🇬🇧

👋Dear Friends, 

If you or someone you know struggles to express themselves verbally because of stutter [stammer] but still seeks for freedom of self-expression without techniques, tricks or magic pills. My Channel is for you.

🗣Last 2 years, many Messages have been coming my way from PWS’s of different ages, nationalities, as well as parents whose children stutter. Questions are often very similar, almost identical. So, I decided to Start a Channel to provide my answers to you all.

For one and for all! 💕

Looking forward to e-meeting you all soon! 

Thanks for your support. This project wouldn’t be realised without you! 

Million People, one problem!

Thank you for your support! ⭐️🗽

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