Hi, thank you for visiting. My name is Olga.

I am not a speech pathologist but an independent stuttering researcher. I have lived with stutter for 15 years, studied it for 7 years and have been enjoying freedom of expression for 6 years now.

I have received formal training in Research Methods from Liverpool University (Mres,2017). My research skills were supposed to be used in studying organisational psychology but I ended up applying my knowledge and skills in the area I was not originally planning to do any research on – STUTTERING.

I believe in taking responsibility.

This project initially began as personal experiment when I decided to move away from traditional understanding of stuttering and abandoned all control methods taught on speech therapy. My speech improved dramatically within months of me changing my outlook on the problem.

My stutter was a late-onset type [started at the age of 13], and it seemingly came out of nowhere. One day, I just blocked whilst trying to make to say “HELLO” on the phone. Although now, I can clearly see there were many triggers present in my life at the time i.e. tense atmosphere at home, puberty etc.

Please note! My work is NOT BASED upon conventional research on stuttering. Please don’t make references or comparisons to any past research you might have read.

I measure success by dramatic positive changes I see in myself as well as other people (200+) that changed their perspective on stuttering and improved\recovered ultimately transforming their lives beyond all initial expectations.

My work partially echoes that of John Harrison but goes a lot further into how emotions, feelings, beliefs etc taken together create our overall life experience.

The solution is in THE RIGHT UNDERSTANDING and is available for all who still seeks to find their true voice.

I primarily use Russian and English languages to communicate with my readers worldwide. I can also read and communicate in Polish, however, I won’t be able to reply in writing to your messages.

When I am not writing or thinking about stuttering, I am a devoted Mum and wife. My other interest include creative writing, psychology and teaching.

I am a self-development junkie and a language tutor.

Please also note: I don’t offer therapy, quick fixes or magic pills. Please don’t ask.